The Face X Public Persona




Let's Work(shop) it. 

An exclusive LIVE virtual workshop series that builds seamlessly on one another to help you to create an iconic brand identity that will both stand (and stay) out.

Ala carte 'em or do 'em all. 

These workshops are intended to help you work through the nitty-gritty details of brand building before you begin to create the whole ensemble of your brand, helping to ensure your investment is well-spent, as well as to educate and enable you to become your own brand manager, stylist, and creative director-in-chief.

Offered as one-day workshops- LIVE with Sarah via Zoom video conferencing  - our day will take place over a four hour timespan with several breaks throughout the day to work through each segment.  There will also be an additional Q+A with Sarah at the end of the workshop should you choose to remain on the line for an additional hour. 

We'll also have a private Facebook group available for scheduled Q+A sessions with Sarah throughout the day as well as to receive feedback from your peers. This forum will also remain available to you beyond our workshop date - read:  bonus networking brownie points.

And if you can't make it in-persona?
Don't sweat it - the recordings of the workshops will be made available to you on-demand. 




This is How We Do It.


Workshop No. 1

Strategize it.


Because it doesn’t just matter what YOU think of your brand - it matters what THEY think of it…. which means you need a smart strategy to order to turn heads and take names (read: waitlists). 

This workshop is designed to create a strategic foundation for your brand. One that, like a great bra will help to lift and separate you from your competition, support your brand, boost your business, and bolster your bottom line.



Style it.


With your brand's overarching strategy in place, we'll shift the focus onto you - zeroing in on what makes you, and your business - definitively stand out.  

You'll figure out how to show up (and show off) across each touchpoint of your brand - everything from your logo to your lipstick, your color palette to your pants  -  yes all of that. Better still, you'll be able to ensure that it's all sending the right message to your ideal customers.  



Shoot it.


Planning makes perfect - especially when it comes to your brand's photography. There is so much more to a photoshoot than just showing up on set and smiling for the camera.  You've got to first make sure the visual story you're telling aligns with your brand strategy and that the visual message you're conveying speaks to your customers - and makes a statement - the right one. 

Because you have a message to convey. It could be power, sophistication,  humor, trust; but if you don’t have a plan for how to do so, your photos will just be an empty smile, instead of an invaluable sales tool.

That's what this workshop is all about.  Sarah will share with you insights from her over 15+ years of planning, styling, and directing commercial photo and television campaigns as well as dozens of private client shoots to help you plan your OWN brand's photoshoot. 
We'll cover how to map out all the nitty-gritty details of your brand's photoshoot:  how to plan it, style it, prop it, and of course how to feel confident on-camera - all to ensure that your message is clear, your results are on-point, and your investment is sound.
Seeing turns into believing turns into excitement. 


Spread it.


With your brand established, it's time to go social. Take your brand’s identity and make it consistent (and clickable) across your content and social media platforms.  

This is where you can really strut your stuff -  giving people a taste of who you are, what you do, and perhaps even allows for a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes.  Consider your social media presence the veritable gateway-drug to your brand, designed to strategically attract your dreamiest of customers. 

In this workshop, we'll learn how to take your brand's visual language and voice and ensure that it's kept completely consistent throughout your social media.
We'll  explore new ways to help you create compelling content - without having to spend an arm and a leg (or an entire day) in the process. We'll cover everything from stock photography, to simple photography tips and tricks, to more advanced techniques like prop styling (yes, finally master that instagram flat-lay)... and that's JUST the visuals part. We'll also talk about pre-planning your content,  keeping ideas fresh to keep your feed interesting as well as sourcing and creating interesting quotes to underscore your expertise and how to graphically lay those out to suit your brand's look + feel. 
After all, you’ve mastered your lines, it’s time to put your brand on stage.



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