This is How We Do It.


WORKSHOP No. 2 - show up + show off

Style it.


We'll first work to craft a unique story around your finest points of distinction - creating  a hook that you can then hang the rest of your brand on. 

Then we will work to create a supporting visual aesthetic - figuring out how you can definitively show up and show off through everything from your logo to your lipstick, your color palette to your pants  -  Ensuring that it's all sending the right message to your ideal customers.  

Styled: You. Your Story. Your Brand.

What we'll cover in this workshop: 

Your Brand's Story: Find your best angle. How to dig into your past experience (whether it relates to your business or not) to capture your most compelling story.

Your Brand's Hook: Take your story and your strategy to come up with a compelling "hook" aka creative concept - that can inform and influence every.single.touchpoint of your brand - from your photography to the words you use, to your logo, and even your shoes. Yes - It's THAT important.

Your Brand's Style:

  • Your Brand's Visual Language: named, visualized, refined in a Pinterest board - ready to hand over to your graphic designer to download them on your vision.
  • Your Brand's Voice: captured, articulated, and ready to send to your copywriter so that they can "talk your talk" if you will. 
  • A brand color palette: We'll look at what colors align both with your own physical attributes, but we'll also observe your market to determine the best colors to help to both differentiate you from your competitors but also ones that will help to attract your ideal customers. 

Your Personal Style:

  • Your Personal Style: You'll name it, define it, visualize it, and refine it - creating a Pinterest moodboard that will be an invaluable resource to make shopping easy. 
  • The why behind what you wear: We' ll discuss the key elements of personal style to help you come up with your own formula for sartorial success. 

And then? We'll then work to put them back together again in a way that will serve as a  strategic foundation for your brand. One that, like a great bra will help to lift and separate you from your competition, support your brand, boost your business, and bolster your bottom line.


  1.  Upon Purchase, you'll receive a downloadable PDF containing a handful of thought provoking, preparatory pre-workshop exercises designed to help you get the most out of your workshop experience.
  2.  Access to our private workshop Facebook Group where you can meet fellow workshop attendees (read: bonus networking points), share your work, and receive feedback from Sarah and team Public Persona. 
  3.  Access to the downloadable live recordings to review as you wish.

Our process is one that's gleaned from Sarah's over 15+ years of experience branding, concepting, and creating major advertising, design, marketing campaigns and honed through her years of private work with female entrepreneurs and personalities who are the FACE of their brand.  

For the very first time, she'll be sharing the inner-workings of her perfected branding process in a LIVE workshop format.

The Details: 

Next Workshop is: TBD
Live Via Group Video Chat