This is How We Do It.



Strategize it.

Your mission.

Your market.

Your competitors. 

Your products + services

Your business goals.

Your own personality.  

And then? We'll then work to put them back together again in a way that will serve as a  strategic foundation for your brand. One that, like a great bra will help to lift and separate you from your competition, support your brand, boost your business, and bolster your bottom line.

You'll walk away with:

  1. A new understanding of your business and brand.
  2. New insights on your ideal customers + insights on how to better attract (and keep) 'em around.
  3. Expert tips on how to (finally) stand out + differentiate yourself from your competition.
  4. The Brand Brief: A beautifully designed template to input and organize all of your findings, serving as the foundation for your brand guidelines to ensure that you (and your team of creatives, copywriters, etc) remain on-course as you embark upon your re-brand.
  5. Invaluable brand-centric exercises that you can (and should) revisit as your business and brand continues to evolve. 


  1.  Upon Purchase, you'll receive a downloadable PDF containing a handful of thought provoking, preparatory pre-workshop exercises designed to help you get the most out of your workshop experience.
  2.  Access to our private workshop Facebook Group where you can meet fellow workshop attendees (read: bonus networking points), share your work, and receive feedback from Sarah and team Public Persona. 
  3.  Access to the downloadable live recordings to review as you wish.

Our process is one that's gleaned from Sarah's over 15+ years of experience branding, concepting, and creating major advertising, design, marketing campaigns and honed through her years of private work with female entrepreneurs and personalities who are the FACE of their brand.  

For the very first time, she'll be sharing the inner-workings of her perfected branding process in a LIVE workshop format.

The Details: 

Next Workshop is: TBD Winter 2017
Live Via Group Zoom Conferencing Video Chat