Workshop No. 3 - Shoot It.

Workshop No. 3 - Shoot It.


Planning makes perfect - especially when it comes to your brand's photography. There is so much more to a photoshoot than just showing up on set and smiling for the camera.  

You've got to first make sure the visual story you're telling aligns with your brand strategy and that the visual message you're conveying speaks to your customers - and makes a statement.  

That's what this workshop is all about.  

Sarah will share with you invaluable insights from her over 15+ years of planning, styling, and directing commercial photo and television campaigns as well as dozens of private client shoots to help you plan your OWN brand's photoshoot. 

We'll cover how to map out all the nitty-gritty details of your brand's photoshoot:  how to plan it, style it, prop it, and of course how to feel confident on-camera - all to ensure that your message is clear, your results are on-point, and your investment is sound.


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Seeing is believing.
Style is never an accident.
Strategy belongs in the spotlight.

Take a look at any website that you admire. What is it exactly is it that grabs you first?  What is it that pulls you in? What convinces you to stay or go?

The logo? That tiny thing?  Highly unlikely.

The words?  Could be –  but since  it takes only 7 seconds to make an impression, how many words can you really read in that timeframe?

The photos?  That's what we'd put our money on.

Whether it's that sleek model you aspire to look like on the front page of your favorite online store – or a renowned personality whose images somehow feel like a total afterthought...

Either way – they communicate to you... in fact, they speak volumes.

Simply put, Your photos can have the power to inspire someone to buy – or they can have the power to make someone want to say "bye".

So as it turns out, pictures really do speak louder than words.

Your photos need to have a raison d'etre, compelling narrative. You want them to command attention, ooze credibility, woo, compel, and convince your customers in the blink of an eye that they've landed in the right spot... all without you ever having to lift your manicured finger.


  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • How you're different than all those others out there doing that-thing-you-do.

So pardon the pun but picture this...

It's just you and a photographer on set.

You've just met -  Yes, maybe you've had a preliminary phone call to prepare but let's face it - he/she doesn't know everything she needs to know about you, your business, your brand, your customers - and his/her goal is to capture great photographs. Their focus is on lighting, the best angles for your face, composition, and framing...NOT on whether your shots align with your business and/or brand.


  • You've somewhat mapped out the shots – you might have a loose idea of some poses...

  • You've brought what you deem to be decent style choices, you've perhaps gotten a blowout, maybe had your makeup done...

  • And you realize that now every choice, angle, and backdrop is up to you. You're calling the shots, literally - but there's a problem.

And this is when details slip through the proverbial cracks. This is when photos stay photos and don't turn into strategic, branded messages...

Instead it could look like this.

You  walk on set more than prepared: Confident. Gorgeous. Inspired. On-Purpose. Pro.

All of the details have been considered:
From the type of shoot, the tone, the mood, the poses, the attitude, the styling, the hair, the makeup.

...And everyone from your photographer to your makeup artist will understand your vision and will yield photos that make you AND your customers "OMG" versus "MEH".

What we'll cover: 


  • What makes for a successful photoshoot?
  • Seeing is believing: How would your customers want to see you? (and yes this involves a little cognitive psychology )


  • Finding and creating your dream team - from the photographer to the hair + makeup artists.
  • Which type of shoot is appropriate for your brand? In-Studio? On-Location?
  • Setting the mood for your shoot: what is the tone you're after? You'll determine how to articulate it both in words and visually in a moodboard. 
  • Creating your shotlist - and how thinking nailing down your website navigation is a crucial first step.


• What should I wear? We'll discuss everything from determining looks that align with your photography's message to insider tips and tricks on where to hunt down amazing clothing and accessories (on a budget)
• Will this look ok on camera? Just because something looks great on you IRL doesn't mean it will look great on camera. Learn what translates and what doesn't.
• What do I do with my hair - and how about makeup? Learn about what works (and doesn't work) on camera - and how to avoid either looking like a TOTAL different person (yes,it CAN happen.)


• What to bring with you on set? How to prepare. 
• What to expect. 
• How to make sure your vision is adhered to.
• How to pose and how not to look (and feel) awkward doing it.
• Getting into the zone - aka the photo mindset. 


• How to select the best photos. 
• Post-production: What is it, Do I need it?, Who can help me?

You'll also walk away with our exclusive Photoshoot Preparation Guide that we use with our private clients. 
This includes numerous checklists and tips to prepare you for your big day as well as exclusive tips from some of our favorite runway seasoned makeup artists, fashion models, as well as fashion + celebrity photographers. 

The Details: 

Next Workshop is:  Friday July 22 | 11 am - 3 pm EST
Live Via Group Video Chat

One week prior to the workshop: You will receive all information as well as a friendly reminder via the email provided at checkout.