Workshop No. 3 - Shoot it

Workshop No. 3 - Shoot it


Planning makes perfect - especially when it comes to your brand's photography. There is so much more to a photoshoot than just showing up on set and smiling for the camera.  

You've got to first make sure the visual story you're telling aligns with your brand strategy and that the visual message you're conveying speaks to your customers - and makes a statement.  

That's what this workshop is all about.  

Sarah will share with you invaluable insights from her over 15+ years of planning, styling, and directing commercial photo and television campaigns as well as dozens of private client shoots to help you plan your OWN brand's photoshoot. 

We'll cover how to map out all the nitty-gritty details of your brand's photoshoot:  how to plan it, style it, prop it, and of course how to feel confident on-camera - all to ensure that your message is clear, your results are on-point, and your investment is sound.

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