The Face X Public Persona



Your Brand: from
head to footnote,
top to bottom-line.

This is how we up your profile, take you from "meh" to memorable. This is where form follows function and style is a part of the strategy.

Our suite of services are designed to be offered alacarte or bundled into the whole shebang.


Brands aren't one-size-fits all. They should be expertly tailored to you.

Branding isn't about putting lipstick on your logo...

It's not about just looking or sounding different, it's about being different – doing things differently. 

It's about crafting a distinctive and compelling concept that embodies your story -  One that creatively connects all of your dots. 

One that communicates, unequivocally, who you are, what you do best, and why you're so distinctive in a way that wields head-turning influence and woos without needing to lift a manicured finger. 

And that logo?  That's really just the finishing touch.

This is how you stand out – head, shoulders, and stilettos above the rest.

So let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.




The Face - Privé.

Strategy, story, and style were destined to work together. We seamlessly blend the three to bring big ideas big picture vision, and big clarity to your brand's direction before you invest in the individual elements of your brand.

This is where we work to get you noticed in all the right ways.  We work to examine you, your consumers, observe your competitive landscape, and focus on repositioning and differentiation: establishing your brand’s new point of view and point of difference.  

This is how we work re-position you, clarifying your distinct ability to make an impact and increase your perceived value...not to mention actual value.

The Tete-a-Tete is our starting point.  



Strategize & Style it.


The world is watching - it's time to work it. 




Step 2: Get Styled.

You need to show up, and show off. With a discerning eye and a finger on the fashion pulse, we synthesize your tastes, vision, brand, and inspirations into a distinctly compelling public-facing image. One that wields head-turning influence. We work with you to develop your sartorial story. One that aligns with your overall brand strategy and conveys what you do best. The result is a style that precedes you, a look that echoes strategically, and a branded image that speaks on your behalf.

The world is watching - it's time to work it.




Get Strategic. 

Get Styled. 


your brand


The Shoot.
*pre-requisite is "Get Styled".

The Whole Shebang - go ahead... make me.