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should never be




Work with us one-on-wonderful
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If  you're craving a little more hands-on, couture creative direction, brand styling, fashion styling and/or business-boosting creativity from an expert eye, over 15+ years of experience, and a finger on the fashion pulse - these private brand and image development consulting services have your name all over them -

(As in,  ALL  CAPS - like the masthead on the cover of a magazine.)



THE couture confab

The Tete-a-Tete.


The key to being successful in business and as a brand standing out  - especially in the eyes of your customers. That requires looking different, doing things differently, BEING different. That requires coming up with ideas that your competitors haven't already thought of - or at least spinning them differently.

It just so happens that's Sarah's forté:
Rapid fire creative ideas, ideas, ideas.

Rent Sarah's expertise, creative brain and honest opinions - with over 15+ years of big-brand advertising, creative direction, design, fashion styling, and wordsmithing under her (designer) belt - not to mention that she "gets" what you're up against as an entrepreneur - she's one herself. 

Because having someone on the outside can give you a totally  fresh (and expert) perspective as well as provide insights–into what you want, what ideas are going to work best, and how to put those ideas and projects into action. You'll be amazed at what we can come up with in only one hour.

Brainstorming | Business, Product + Service Ideas | Creative Marketing/ Buzz Campaign Concepts | New Products +/or Services | Naming | Taglines | Soundbites | Visual Direction | Brand Audits


“ I just wrapped up a session with Sarah on a project I hadn’t fully developed in my head or on paper. By the end of our session, we had created a crystal clear direction, vision, main message, and even determined a“look” for the entire concept. Unbelievable.“




The Face: Privé.

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice. Your mind. Your story. Your vision.
— Anonymous

Your brand is in the eye of the beholder. Because it doesn’t just matter what you think your brand is, it matters what they think it is. 
This means that the right image is everything. And that looking the part is the hard part.  

But your image is so much more than just a logo or a color palette - or even a killer pair of pumps.
Sure - t
hose elements are important, but without a solid strategy, they’re just a pretty face.  

So, how do you turn your image into an iconic identity?  
How do you go from "Hey guys I'm over here" to Icon Status?  

T H I S.  

Your brand: From head to footnote, top to bottom-line.

This comprehensive 1:1 one-month business, brand and image development experience is designed to help you:

+ Nail down, articulate, and curate all the details of your unique brand identity.
+ Perfect how you're perceived in the eyes of those that matter most - aka. your customers.

+ Determine and lay out all the pertinent details of your brand BEFORE you invest in a spendy photoshoot, designers, copywriters.

We'll take your measurements and we measure to fit. Your brand will fit to perfection, hug every single curve.

Taking a 10,000 foot view of your brand, we'll work together to nail down all of the specifics that comprise your brand's identity - we're talking about concept, copywriting style, content, image, design aesthetic, etc – and what we create together can then inform everything down to the most devilish of details like the words that you use or the accessories you don in your brand's photography, and even the #hashtags you use to promote your brand. 


+  A clearly defined brand strategy that is tailored to you, your values & your biz.
+ Your brand statement: So that your ideal customers know precisely what you do, why you do it, and how you're distinctively different from your competitors.
+ Overarching creative hook / theme as well as visual direction for your brand.
+ Your brand style: Defined + captured in a moodboard.
+ Your personal style: Defined + captured in a moodboard.
+ Your brand voice: Defined + captured along with a brand lexicon.
+ Your photoshoot: Directed. Styled. Planned - so that you can make the most of your time on camera and ensure desired results.
+ Social strategy: Sarah's own tips + templates to help you remain cool, calm, and consistent when on the world's "stage".
+ Our exclusive rolodex of recommended creatives to build your "dream team" to help you build your "dream brand".
Actionable strategies to implement in your business and marketing efforts. 

Let's do this.
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"Not only did Sarah push me to dream a little bigger for myself, she also made that dream feel totally doable. As we went through our sessions, the vision for my brand kept getting clearer, more specific, and more exciting! This is powerful, incredibly valuable stuff."





Style Strategy.

YOU ARE THE FACE OF YOUR BRAND - it's time to look the part.

They say to dress for the job you want. When you're your own #boss, you've got to dress for the customers you want - which means that personal style is not just about looking amazing... it's about being strategic about the who what when wear and why behind how you present yourself - in your photos, in person, on the stage, and wherever else you're representing yourself and your business. 

So you need to show up and show off. 

With over a decade's worth of commercial and editorial styling experience under her (designer) belt and her fingertip on the fashion pulse, Sarah can infuse your overall big-picture brand strategy into your personal style so that you offer a cohesive, confident, remarkable image to the world. With your specific needs and goals in mind, we'll consider your business, brand, physical attributes, personality, vision, and target market to develop a sartorial story around you and your brand that ensures you're sending the right message. 

To inquire about working with us to develop your personal style, please get in touch.